Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Are Your Courses?

    Each course will have a different cost depending on the content and cost of the exam. To find the specific cost of each exam navigate to the corresponding certification page. Information on the three tiers are shown for each course. Cyber Bunee Academy has partnered with Affirm for financing options. Students can apply during the checkout process. 

  • What Is The Schedule For Your Courses?

    Courses range for several weeks at a time and dependent upon class size and availability. The course content is self paced, however we recommend staying on pace with the weekly sections and assignments. Each course has its schedule and it provided at the beginning of each class. The live instruction can range from 1-3 hours depending on availability and occurs once weekly for all students. The day and time will be in the course documents.

  • Are There Guarantees I Will Pass The Exam?

    Unfortunately, there are no guarantees you will pass the exams, however, Cyber Bunee Academy will do everything in our power to ensure you have all the right materials and insight into passing the exam. At the end of the day, it's really up to the commitment and tenacity of the students whether or not they pass their final certification exams.

  • Do You Have A Referral Program For Students?

    Yes! If you refer a student that signs up for any of the courses or tiers of courses the referring student receives an immediate 10% refund on whichever course or tier they purchased, up to 5 student referrals only. This means with 5 referrals your entire course cost could be 50% off. The one caveat is the purchase has to come through the Cyber Bunee website and not via our LMS partners such as Udemy. 

  • How is Cyber Bunee Academy Different From Other Online Courses?

    Other programs are primarily focused on getting students in and out regardless of whether they retain the information and can be a positive influence on the workforce. Cyber Bunee is committed to ensuring every student understands the material and has the confidence to enter the workforce or enhance their current skills and abilities if they are already in the workforce.

Ask Us Questions

Please feel free to ask us any questions you have on the courses or IT certifications in general.


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