Adlumin Discovers New Malware, JungleRAT, Combining Off-The-Shelf and APT Features

Adlumin Discovers New Malware, JungleRAT, Combining Off-The-Shelf and APT Features

Adlumin reveals new malware containing off-the-shelf and APT features

Adlumin, a cybersecurity firm, has reported a new malware that combines the features of off-the-shelf malware and advanced persistent threats (APT). The malware was identified as “JungleRAT” due to its characteristics of being stealthy and using remote access Trojan functionality.

The elements of off-the-shelf malware

Firstly, JungleRAT has elements of off-the-shelf malware, which can be easily accessed from the dark web and allows any user to conduct cyber attacks. JungleRAT also has a self-extracting archive that allows it to maintain a low profile. This makes it difficult for organizations to detect its existence and impact until it becomes too late.

The use of APT tactics

Secondly, JungleRAT exhibits some characteristics of advanced persistent threats – which are highly sophisticated and difficult to detect cyber attacks. The malware can evade detection by using encrypted payloads and using standard encryption protocols, which makes it look like normal traffic. The malware is capable of bypassing firewall and intrusion detection systems, and can control and collect data from the victim’s computer over an extended period.

The threat to organizations

JungleRAT poses a significant threat to organizations as it can spread through phishing emails and using different file types to avoid detection. Once installed, the malware can steal sensitive information, take screenshots, record keystrokes, and perform other malicious activities. All this can be done without the user’s knowledge, which makes the malware even more dangerous.

In summary

In conclusion, JungleRAT is a new type of malware created by combining off-the-shelf malware and APT tactics. This makes it highly sophisticated and dangerous as it can evade detections and steal sensitive information. Organizations should be aware of the potential threat posed by JungleRAT and take measures to protect their systems.Original Article:


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