“Agent Tesla Malware: The New Threat Using ZPAQ Compression for Data Harvesting”

“Agent Tesla Malware: The New Threat Using ZPAQ Compression for Data Harvesting”

The Renaissance of Agent Tesla Malware

Main points of interest:

– A new variant of Agent Tesla Malware has been detected.
– The malware is delivered via a lure file using the ZPAQ compression format.
– The malware aims to harvest data from several email clients and nearly 40 web browsers.
– Compared to ZIP and RAR, ZPAQ has a better compression ratio and provides a journaling function.

The New Kid on the Block

Listen up, tech geeks! A new version of Agent Tesla malware has arrived on the scene, and it’s not here to play games. Instead, it’s winging its way into devices through a lure file armed with the ZPAQ compression format. Way to add some drama, right? But don’t write a thrilling screenplay yet. The actual twist is that it’s targeting data from numerous email clients and almost 40 web browsers. Now that’s what I call a ‘web’ of deceit!

Understanding ZPAQ Compressions

Helping the Agent Tesla malware to shine in its wicked glory is the ZPAQ compression format. Now, ZPAQ might not sound as hip as ZIP or RAR (let’s face it, ZPAQ missed its chance to be a cool acronym), but it does offer a better compression ratio. Plus, it sports a powerful journaling function. According to Anna Lvova, a malware analyst at G Data, this gives it an advantage over the other widely used formats in facilitating the malware’s delivery.


To cap it off, the online crime world has a new star. This latest variant of the Agent Tesla malware is infiltrating computers using the ZPAQ compression format, a sophisticated tool that allows the malware to harvest data from multiple email clients and almost 40 kinds of web browsers. It’s like the villain in a superhero movie, except it’s real life, and we’re just waiting for our hero to come and save the day. So, keep your antivirus game strong, folks! It’s getting a bit ‘compressed’ out there.Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/11/new-agent-tesla-malware-variant-using.html

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