“Android Security Update: Google Battles High-Risk Zero-Day Bug with New Patches”

“Android Security Update: Google Battles High-Risk Zero-Day Bug with New Patches”

Google Drops New Android Security Patches; Targets Pesky Zero-Day Bug

– Google releases monthly security update for Android, including fixes for a zero-day vulnerability.
– The vulnerability, classified as CVE-2023-35674, is a high-risk privilege escalation problem impacting the Android Framework.
– Google suggests that CVE-2023-35674 may be under targeted exploitation.

Monthly Security Patches Roll Out by Google

Not to let any vulnerabilities cuddle with its software, Google has diligently issued its monthly security patches for Android. This routine ‘cyber housecleaning’ is an essential part of Google’s approach to ensure user security and address lingering software flaws, much like making sure there are no leftover pizza crusts under your kid’s bed.

A High-Severity Bug, CVE-2023-35674, Addresses

Headlining this security update is the squashing of a particularly pesky bug, known in the tech parlance as CVE-2023-35674. This high-severity issue is a privilege escalation flaw affecting the Android Framework. Think of it like a security guard at a concert – while it’s supposed to keep unwelcome folks out, this flaw gave the wrong people backstage access.

Speculation of Targeted Exploitation

Adding more drama, Google mentions that there are signs indicating the CVE-2023-35674 bug may also be a part of targeted exploitation. That’s like noticing that your homemade apple pie has a slice missing, but you haven’t yet found the pie thief. It’s currently under investigation and no further details have been disclosed.


In response to the discovery of multiple flaws, including a high-severity bug known as CVE-2023-35674, Google has released its routine monthly security patches for Android. This significant bug, hinting at privilege escalation impact on the Android Framework, is a hot topic due to indications of its potential exploitation. As the tech world holds its breath, Google continues its quest like a dad on a Saturday morning – diligently patching and fixing, ensuring no cracks are left unfilled in the digital drywall.

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/09/zero-day-alert-latest-android-patch.html


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