“Boosting Chat Privacy: WhatsApp’s New ‘Secret Code’ Feature Explained”

“Boosting Chat Privacy: WhatsApp’s New ‘Secret Code’ Feature Explained”

Meta-owned WhatsApp Introduces Custom ‘Secret Code’ Feature for Advanced Privacy

Main points:

– WhatsApp introduces new Secret Code feature for enhanced chat privacy.
– The Secret Code works as an extra layer of protection for sensitive chats.

WhatsApp’s ‘Secret Code’ Invention

In an escalation of its efforts to improve user privacy on the platform, Meta’s WhatsApp has released a new feature called, ‘Secret Code.’ This tool allows users to protect their sensitive chat conversations with a custom password, making it the electronic equivalent of a meaty chain lock on a diary of secrets. Ten points to Gryffindor! Err, I meant ten points to WhatsApp.

An Extra Guard for Your Private Chats

Described as an “additional way to protect those chats and make them harder to find if someone has access to your phone or you share a phone with someone else,” Secret Code basically works as a digital invisibility cloak to your messages, unless someone manages to crack your unique password, that is. Remember though, this feature won’t help your embarrassing texts from surfacing up in family group chats.

A Continuum in the Evolution of Security Features

The inclusion of Secret Code represents a continuum in the evolution of security features for WhatsApp users, stepping up from its previous privacy options. You can think of it like the new model iPhone, only instead of new emojis and camera features, it’s added privacy settings!


To sum it up, WhatsApp, under the big tech umbrella of Meta, has introduced a new encryption feature called ‘Secret Code.’ This custom password protection level will bolster the security of sensitive chats, providing an additional safety shield. It’s like hiring an extra bodyguard for your digital conversations if you will. Just remember, this bodyguard won’t watch over cringe-inducing, accidental texts.

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/12/whatsapps-new-secret-code-feature-lets.html

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