BundleBot: The Sneaky Malware Strain Exploiting .NET for Stealthy Data Theft

BundleBot: The Sneaky Malware Strain Exploiting .NET for Stealthy Data Theft

BundleBot: The Sneaky Malware Strain Exploiting .NET


A new malware strain called BundleBot has emerged, cleverly using .NET single-file deployment techniques to fly under the radar and steal sensitive information from compromised hosts. By taking advantage of the dotnet bundle (single-file), self-contained format, threat actors have found a way to avoid detection and carry out their malicious activities unnoticed.

How BundleBot Operates

BundleBot uses the dotnet bundle (single-file) deployment technique to avoid detection by security solutions. This format allows the malware to blend in, making it difficult for traditional static detection methods to catch it. By leveraging this technique, the malware gains access to sensitive information from compromised hosts, putting the victim’s data at risk.

The Advantages of Dotnet Bundle

The dotnet bundle (single-file) format has several advantages that make it appealing to threat actors:

  • Low static detection: Due to its single-file format, the malware becomes harder to detect by security solutions that rely on static analysis. This evasion technique allows threat actors to carry out their activities without raising any alarms.
  • Self-contained execution: The malware can operate independently, without the need for any external dependencies. This makes it easier for the malware to infiltrate the system and carry out its activities without leaving traces.
  • Reduced complexity: The dotnet bundle format simplifies deployment and execution of the malware, making it a convenient choice for threat actors.

The Implications of BundleBot

BundleBot poses serious risks to compromised hosts and their sensitive data. By operating stealthily and evading detection, the malware can infiltrate systems undetected, potentially leading to data breaches and financial losses. The ability to capture sensitive information puts individuals, organizations, and their clients at risk.


The emergence of BundleBot, a malware strain using dotnet bundle (single-file) deployment techniques, highlights the constant evolution of cyber threats. By taking advantage of the low static detection and self-contained execution offered by this format, BundleBot evades security measures and gains access to sensitive information. It is crucial for individuals and organizations to stay vigilant, keep their systems up-to-date, and employ robust security measures to protect against such threats.

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/07/sophisticated-bundlebot-malware.html

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