“CACTUS Ransomware Exploits Qlik Sense Vulnerabilities: A New Cybersecurity Threat”

“CACTUS Ransomware Exploits Qlik Sense Vulnerabilities: A New Cybersecurity Threat”


  • The recent CACTUS ransomware campaign exploits vulnerabilities in Qlik Sense.
  • The first recorded instance of threat actors using these weaknesses for initial access in deploying CACTUS ransomware.

Prickly Situation with the CACTUS Ransomware Campaign

Here’s a prickly piece of news for Qlik Sense users. The recent CACTUS ransomware campaign has found an all-you-can-eat buffet in the form of security vulnerabilities in Qlik Sense, a popular cloud analytics and business intelligence platform. This gives hackers an open-door invite into targeted environments. But don’t fear; we’re not yet at the point where we need to desert our digital devices.

First Instance of Exploitation for Initial Access

In this digital Old West showdown, for the first time, we see our villains – the threat actors deploying CACTUS ransomware – exploiting these weaknesses in Qlik Sense for initial access. It’s like watching a cowboy discover they can unlock the saloon doors from the outside. However, as the cyber sheriffs of this town, it’s our duty to stay informed and ensure they don’t have the last laugh.


In summary, the CACTUS ransomware campaign is leveraging security flaws in Qlik Sense, marking a turning point as the first officially recorded attempt of such exploitation. Rather than resting in their digital deck chairs, users would do well to stay alert and keep their systems and information safer than a hedgehog in hibernation.

After all, as they say: In the world of data and security, it’s all fun and games until someone gets stuck—with ransomware!

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/11/cactus-ransomware-exploits-qlik-sense.html

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