“Canada’s Tech Battle: Ban on Tencent and Kaspersky Apps on Government Devices”

“Canada’s Tech Battle: Ban on Tencent and Kaspersky Apps on Government Devices”

**Main Points**

• Canada has banned the usage of Tencent and Kaspersky’s apps on all government mobile devices.
• The ban is driven by concerns of an “unacceptable level of risk to privacy and security.”
• This action is part of the Canadian government’s ongoing efforts to secure their information and network.

**Canada’s New Ban: Tencent and Kaspersky Apps Verboten on Government Mobile Devices**

The Ban Hammer Drops on Tencent and Kaspersky

Oh, Canada! The polite northerners have declared a tech war (Canuck.edition). After monitoring potential threats, they’ve decided to send a cheery “Not on our watch, eh?” to Tencent and Kaspersky – the big-name tech firms whose apps are now banned on all Canadian government mobile devices.

Too Much Risk, Too Little Privacy?

What’s stirred the Queen’s Beavers, you ask? The finger wagging was prompted by the “unacceptable level of risk to privacy and security.” Safety has always been more important than maple syrup for the Canadian government, and they are unwilling to compromise it for anything else.

Ensuring a Secure Digital Canada

“Sorry, not sorry” seems to be the approach. As they don their Mountie hats in the digital sphere, their commitment to keeping the government’s information and networks secure is clear as lake Louise. This action is just another part of their strategic defence against potential cyber threats.

**In Summary**

Backflipping on ice is a hard no for Canadians, and now, so is using Tencent and Kaspersky’s apps on government mobile devices. Citing unacceptable levels of risk to their privacy and security, this is a further indication of the nation’s firm commitment to safeguarding their digital domain against potential threats. As Canada continues its cybersecurity journey, we can be sure about one thing: it’s going to be “aboat” more than just good manners and poutine. But hey, let’s not “byte” off more than we can chew, eh?Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/10/canada-bans-wechat-and-kaspersky-apps.html

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