“Chaes Malware Reworked: A Python Predator Threatening Banking and Logistics Industries”

“Chaes Malware Reworked: A Python Predator Threatening Banking and Logistics Industries”

Crafty ‘Chaes’ Ups the Ante: The Malware Banking and Logistics Industries Should Watch Out For

Main points:
– The industry of banking and logistics is under attack by a reworked variant of the Chaes malware.
– The malware has been rewritten in Python leading to decreased detectability.
– Maintenance of its communication protocol has significantly improved its capabilities.
– New evidence discovered by Morphisec indicates major overhauls in its design and functioning.

Chaes: The Persistent Python Predator

The banking and logistics sectors are shifting uncomfortably in their office chairs – they’re facing an invasion from a rework of the malware, Chaes. This Python-powered parasite persists in its assault with a new and improved under-the-radar conduct. Just imagine Darth Vader switching over from a clunky, heavy English accent to smooth Python, slipping past defenses as easily as a mall Santa slips into nearby chimneys.

From Bottlenecked Defenses to Bot-Noticed Excellence

Chaes hasn’t just changed its spoken language to Python; oh no, it’s had a complete makeover. The type that sees you dodging punches at traditional defense systems that have as much chance of detecting it as theaters have of showing a Schwarzenegger rom-com. In all its serpentine elegance, our in-malware Python has not just managed to lower detection rates, but it’s causing the tech world to resort to dad jokes out of frustration.

If These Walls Could Talk: Chaes’ Communication Makeover

Like the latest celebrity gossip, it’s not just its appearance that’s changed – Chaes’ chatty side also got an upgrade. Working on its communication protocol resulted in a malware that’s as slippery as an eel at a water park. Thanks to a comprehensive redesign, its communication protocol enhancement is comparable to upgrading from a rotary dialer to the latest 5G smartphone.

Morphisec’s Major Discovery

Morphisec, behaving like a determined detective on a tech thriller case, has discovered and shared in detail with The Hacker News about the recent enhancements made to the Chaes malware. It’s like showing a magic trick’s reveal: awe-inspiring, yet a tad bit dreadful. Advancement of this level sounds like fiction. It’s not – it’s potentially disastrous.


To put the CPU back in the casing, banking and logistics industries are facing bombardment from a retooled version of the Chaes malware. The malware now blurs its footsteps using Python, significantly lowering its detection rates. Furthermore, its communication protocol has received a much-needed upgrade, leading to enhanced capabilities. Morphisec, sharing its indie detective adventure with The Hacker News, has shed light on the significant overhauls in the Chaes malware, both in design and function. Keep calm, carry on, and remember, not all pythons are pets.

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/09/new-python-variant-of-chaes-malware.html

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