“Chronic Cybersecurity Woes: The Persistent Exploitation of a Four-Year-Old Fortinet Flaw in 2022”

“Chronic Cybersecurity Woes: The Persistent Exploitation of a Four-Year-Old Fortinet Flaw in 2022”

Main Points:

– A four-year-old critical security flaw affecting Fortinet FortiOS SSL has been identified as one of the most consistently and frequently exploited vulnerabilities in 2022.
– Older software vulnerabilities have been more frequently exploited by malicious cyber actors in 2022 than recently disclosed vulnerabilities.
– Cybersecurity and intelligence agencies globally are finding that internet-facing systems, which are unpatched, are being targeted.

The ‘Eternal’ Issue of a Four-year-old Flaw

Remember when you thought four years made a big difference in tech? Apparently, in cyber security, it’s just a blink! A four-year-old security flaw affecting Fortinet FortiOS SSL – a technology that’s practically ancient in dog internet years – has been pegged as one of the top contenders for “Most Frequently Abused Vulnerability of 2022”. This critter has proven like a bad fruitcake: you can’t seem to get rid of it!

Old is Gold: Exploiting Older Vulnerabilities in 2022

In an ironic twist that’d make my grandpa laugh out his false teeth, older software vulnerabilities have become the ‘latest trend’ in the cyber crime fashion scene. That’s right, 2022 naughty listers are exploiting older software vulnerabilities more frequently than recently disclosed ones. Talk about old school!

Unpatched, Internet-facing Systems: The Bullseye Target

According to global cybersecurity and intelligence agencies, the internet is like a lion’s den full of unpatched, internet-facing systems – and these bad boys are the prime targets. Apparently, there’s nothing a hacker likes more than a system that’s standing on its virtual porch with its doors wide open and lights flashing “Come on in!”

In Summary: Bits, Bytes, and Ancient Exploits

In a nutshell, it appears that when it comes to cybersecurity exploits, age is just a number. Not only have hackers given the old adage a tech twist, they’re proving it’s especially true for vulnerabilities in the middle-aged range (you know, like four years old). Our digital universe in 2022 has shown that the most frequently exploited issues are the proven oldie-goldies, not the newly-discovered kids on the block. And if you’ve got an unpatched, internet-facing system, you might as well hang a neon sign that screams, “Dinner’s ready, hackers!” The moral of the story? Keep anything that faces the internet updated, my friends. You wouldn’t wear bell-bottoms today, so why let your systems wear them?Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/08/major-cybersecurity-agencies.html

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