“Cracking Down on BulletProofLink: How Malaysian Authorities Dismantled a Global Phishing-as-a-Service Operation”

“Cracking Down on BulletProofLink: How Malaysian Authorities Dismantled a Global Phishing-as-a-Service Operation”

Malaysian Authorities Squash BulletProofLink, a Phishing-as-a-Service (PhaaS) Operation


– Malaysian law enforcement dismantled a Phishing-as-a-Service operation, BulletProofLink.
– The Royal Malaysian Police led the effort with support from the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on November 6, 2023.
– The operation was based on intel hinting the threat actors behind the platform.

The Catch of PhaaS that Failed to Stay Afloat

Now who would’ve thought phishing could be served on demand, just like your morning java? Well, the tech underworld sure seems to offer all sorts of Monday morning surprises. Some villains were running a Phishing-as-a-Service, a swindle fast-food joint named BulletProofLink, just like a local coffee shop, with just one difference – they were serving trouble instead of friendly wake-up brews. But just like a hot coffee spilling on a white shirt, this caused a mess they could not hide.

Cooperative Cleanup Crew to the Rescue

In a tech version of superhero team-up, the Royal Malaysian Police enlisted help from our folks at the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the U.S FBI to roll down the shutters on this grimy gig on November 6, 2023. They say, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and in this case, the BulletProofLink was not as bulletproof as it thought.

Demise Steered by Tip-Offs

They say, ‘loose cheeks sink ships,’ and even in the cyber ocean, this holds true. This operation launched off based on whispers and gossip, intel in cop’s lingo, hinting that the baddies behind the platform had a surprise in store.


Like sending a canary into a coal mine, authorities sent a warning to other cyber wrongdoers by squashing BulletProofLink, a Phishing-as-a-Service operation. With the Malaysian, Australian, and U.S. forces combining like cyberspace’s version of the Avengers, they managed to dismantle the operation. This action came as a result of intelligence suggesting that the threat actors behind the platform were up to no good, just like trouble brewing – never a good Monday morning surprise. So, here’s a dad-joke to lighten up your tech day: Why don’t hackers like nature? Because they can’t resist phishing!

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/11/major-phishing-as-service-syndicate.html


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