“Cybersecurity Dance: How Attackers Bypass Cloudflare’s Security Defenses”

“Cybersecurity Dance: How Attackers Bypass Cloudflare’s Security Defenses”

Key Points: Bypassing Cloudflare’s Security Mechanisms

  • Cloudflare’s firewall and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack prevention mechanisms can be circumvented by exploiting cross-tenant security control gaps.
  • Per design, attackers could misuse their own Cloudflare accounts to establish trust-relationships with customers’ websites, nullifying the intended protection.

Cloudflare’s Defenses can Fall

A new twist has emerged in the cybersecurity sphere: the wall built by Cloudflare to block off unsolicited traffic, which works in the same way as your grumpy neighbor’s fence, apparently has some vulnerable spots. It has been reported that attackers can take advantage of gaps in Cloudflare’s cross-tenant security controls to sneakily peek over the fence and get around the firewall and the DDoS attack prevention mechanisms. Ah, the joys of digital trespassing!

Exploiting Cloudflare’s Friendliness

In a plot more intricate than a tech thriller novel, attackers can utilize their own Cloudflare accounts to abuse the per design trust-relationship between Cloudflare and customers’ websites. Essentially turning Cloudflare into a befuddled grandpa who unwittingly lets in the bad guys, believing they’re the dear customers. The end result? The very intention of these safeguards is defeated. Looks like Cloudflare’s friendly nature needs a stricter scrutiny!

Getting Serious About Security

Cloudflare’s vulnerabilities expose a critical need for addressing the gaps in cross-tenant security controls. It’s like ignoring the rickety steps on your porch that you’ve been warned about — one day, someone’s going to take a nasty tumble. Similarly, ignoring security gaps could lead to dire consequences in the digital space. Gaining protection from cyberattacks is a constant dance: as attackers find new ‘dance moves’, defenders need to stay one step ahead and match their rhythm to stay safe.


In summary, sneaky cyber attackers have found a way to bypass Cloudflare’s security defenses, including firewalls and DDoS prevention mechanisms, by exploiting holes in Cloudflare’s cross-tenant security controls. They cleverly misuse their own Cloudflare accounts to establish a trust-relationship with customers’ websites, in turn defeating the purpose of these safeguards. It’s a clear call for companies to step up their cybersecurity jig, ensuring they’re always leading the dance and not getting their foot trod on!

So, when it comes to cybersecurity, remember: it’s always better to work on your dance than suffer a digital tumble!

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/10/researcher-reveal-new-technique-to.html


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