“Decoding a New Phishing Threat: Vietnamese Attack via Facebook Messenger”

“Decoding a New Phishing Threat: Vietnamese Attack via Facebook Messenger”

Anatomy of a New Phishing Attack via Facebook Messenger

Main points:

– A new form of phishing attack is spreading via Facebook Messenger.
– The attack originates from a Vietnamese group and uses fake/hijacked personal accounts to send messages.
– These messages come with a small yet potent file attachment.
– The Python-based stealer contained in the file aims to take over the victim’s account.

Facebook Messenger: The New Weapon of Phishing Combatants

As technologically advanced as we are, it seems that scammers are always one step ahead – or should I say, “one click ahead.”? The internet has become a phishing pond where these techno-anglers are continually casting their infectious lures, now using Facebook Messenger as their new fishing line. Beware, users! You are now the fish in the pond.

Origin of the Attack: From the Lands of Vietnam

We all know that every epic story involves a tale from exotic locales, but this one is downright malicious. Originate from a Vietnamese-based group; this attack doesn’t come riding on dragons or cucumbers, but rather piggybacks onto fake and hijacked personal accounts to initiate its dark quests. Humour aside, these cyber maestros are genuinely adept at creating a symphony of chaos and confusion.

A Tiny Package with a Python Power Punch

As father always used to say, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog. Surprisingly, this phrase applies to malicious cyberattacks as well! This phishing campaign uses a compressed file so tiny it could fit inside a byte-sized lunchbox. But don’t be fooled, it packs a Python-powered punch, aiming to steal and take over the unsuspecting victim’s account. It’s clear that even cyber-threats are following the trend of down-sizing.

Phishing in 2021: From Messages to Chaos

This article explores the emergence of a new phishing attack leveraging Facebook Messenger. Born out of a Vietnamese group, the attacker manipulates hijacked and counterfeit personal profiles, sending messages laced with seemingly tiny, yet potent files. These attachments harbor a Python-based stealer, with a singular purpose – take over the hapless target’s account. Essentially, these convoluted tactics have converted the innocent art of messaging into a chaotic cyber battlefield. Keep your digital eyes open, tech warriors. The battle has begun!Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/09/vietnamese-hackers-deploy-python-based.html


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