Email Security Provider Launches Beta Program for AI-Based Themis Co-pilot

Email Security Provider Launches Beta Program for AI-Based Themis Co-pilot

Email Security Provider Launches Beta Program for Themis Co-pilot

In a world where email threats have become more sophisticated, the importance of email security cannot be overstated. In line with this, email security provider Themis has launched a new beta program for its Themis Co-pilot, an AI-based assistant that helps users improve their Microsoft Outlook security.

What is Themis Co-pilot?

Themis Co-pilot is a large language model-based chat assistant designed to help users navigate and understand the complexities of email security. It is powered by Themis Security’s powerful artificial intelligence engines and is designed to be incredibly easy to use.

How Does Themis Co-pilot Work?

By using Themis Co-pilot, users can train the chat assistant to understand the types of emails that need to be blocked and the ones that do not. The chat assistant will also help users learn how to spot suspicious links and attachments, which is critical in preventing malware from entering the system. This way, users can ensure that their email communication is always secure and devoid of threats.

Why is Themis Co-pilot Important?

With the rising number of email security threats, it has become more critical than ever for organizations and individuals to invest in email security. Unfortunately, security solutions can be complex and challenging to navigate, making it difficult for users to understand how to stay safe. Themis Co-pilot is designed to bridge this gap by providing an AI-based assistant that helps users understand and implement best email security practices.


Email security threats have become a significant concern in the digital age. Fortunately, Themis Security’s beta program for Themis Co-pilot provides an easy-to-use solution to help users navigate the complexities of email security. With the assistance of this AI-powered chat assistant, users can improve their Microsoft Outlook security and stay protected from malicious attacks.

Overall, Themis Co-pilot is a powerful tool that makes it easy for users to identify and mitigate security threats, improving their email communication security significantly.

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