“Enhancing AI Security: Google’s Expansion of its Vulnerability Rewards Program”

“Enhancing AI Security: Google’s Expansion of its Vulnerability Rewards Program”

Google Bolsters AI Security with its Vulnerability Rewards Program Expansion

Main Points:

  • Google has announced the expansion of its Vulnerability Rewards Program (VRP) for AI systems.
  • The expanded VRP now includes rewards for finding attack scenarios tailored to generative AI.
  • This move aims to bolster AI safety and security to lessen potential risks like unfair bias, model manipulation, and misuse of AI.

Google’s Aim to Boost AI Safety and Security

Google’s knee-deep in a code frenzy as they announced the expansion of their Vulnerability Rewards Program (VRP). Digital knights in shining armor, otherwise known as researchers, are now eligible to get rewards for uncovering attack scenarios tailored specifically for generative AI systems. This ‘Crusade for AI Safety’ is Google’s bid to make AI systems as secure as Fort Knox, if Fort Knox were trying to predict your next favorite Netflix show.

Why Expand the VRP to Generative AI?

Google believes that the landscape of generative AI is more like the Wild West, hosting new and different concerns that typical digital security doesn’t cover. Expanding the VRP aims to reduce these risks, be it Saloon-like showdowns of unfair biases or the cattle rustling of model manipulation. The bandit of AI misuse is also in Google’s sights. It’s essentially a reward for capturing ‘black-hat’ AI scenarios before they ride off into the proverbial sunset.

The Potential Impact on AI Systems

The expansion of VRP to include threats against generative AI should significantly ramp up the safety and security of AI systems. We’re talking majorly boosting the door security of AI systems to the equivalent of a techno-drawbridge and cyber-moat! The idea is to create a more secure AI environment, one where your favourite AI doesn’t wake you up with a scream of ‘Intruder Alert!’ unless, of course, it’s been programmed to watch horror movies whilst you sleep.


In a nutshell, Google is giving out digital ‘Wanted’ posters with potentially big rewards for anyone who can help conquer the Wild West of generative AI systems. The expansion of VRP is setting up a reward-based ‘cyber bounty hunting’ regime, aiming to ensure robust safety against unseemly biases, model manipulations, and AI misuse. If hackers are the ‘black-hats’ of the digital realm, then Google has just deputized a whole gang of code-loving ‘white-hats’ to bring ’em in!

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/10/google-expands-its-bug-bounty-program.html

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