“Enhancing Security: Google’s New Features with Android 14 for a Safer Digital Space”

“Enhancing Security: Google’s New Features with Android 14 for a Safer Digital Space”

Google Adds Extra Layer of Security with New Feature on Android 14

  • Google introduces a fresh security trait in Android 14 for IT administrators to neutralize 2G cellular networks in managed devices.
  • Another user configuration is integrated to cease support for null-ciphered cellular connections at the model level.
  • The Android Security Model runs on the assumption that all networks could potentially be harmful, to optimize user security.

2G Cellular Network Disabled on Android 14

Remember those old movies where people used big mobile phones, commonly known as “bricks”? Those were the glory days of 2G networks. Well, it seems like Google wants those days to stay in the past – at least in your fleet of devices under management. Android 14 now comes equipped with an added security feature that allows IT administrators to say bye-bye to 2G cellular networks. Even your grandma’s old Nokia phone might finally get a break!

No More Null-ciphered Cellular Connections

Ever heard of a null-ciphered cellular connection? Worry not, Google has got your back. Drawing from its rich box of tricks, the tech giant has introduced a new user setting in Android 14 that can pull the plug on support for these naughty connections at the model level. It’s their way of saying, “better safe than sorry!”

Android Security Model: Always on the Defensive

Ever wonder why your Android phone has trust issues? It’s because its security model is always on guard – assuming all networks to be potentially hostile. This preemptive guard-dog approach helps keep users safe from virtually anything with an IP address that might not have your best interest at heart. This new feature is just another layer in its defensive strategy.


In summary, Google is pulling up its socks when it comes to the security of Android 14, placing a firm NO on 2G cellular networks, as well as null-ciphered cellular connections. With the Android Security Model assuming all networks to be a potential threat, it guarantees users are shielded from various internet miscreants. As they say in the tech world, it’s time to level up; it’s not just about enjoying faster data speeds, but also about creating safer digital spaces.

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/08/new-android-14-security-feature-it.html

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