“Exposed: 12,000 Juniper Firewalls Susceptible to Remote Code Execution Flaw CVE-2023-36845”

“Exposed: 12,000 Juniper Firewalls Susceptible to Remote Code Execution Flaw CVE-2023-36845”

Thousands of Juniper Firewalls Vulnerable to Remote Exploit


  • Almost 12,000 Juniper firewall devices at risk due to a recently revealed remote code execution flaw.
  • VulnCheck found that the exploit for CVE-2023-36845 can be used by an unauthenticated and remote attacker to carry out arbitrary code.
  • The CVE-2023-36845 pertains to a security loophole that can be exploited without creating a file on the system.

Remote Code Execution Threat

New research has discovered that folks running Juniper firewalls might want to consider upgrading their software wardrobe. There are nearly 12,000 internet-exposed devices that are strutting their vulnerabilities down the digital runway for the whole world to see, thanks to a recently disclosed remote code execution flaw.

Unauthenticated Attack Capabilities

It's like a back-door party and everyone’s invited. VulnCheck, the expert party-crasher, unearthed a new exploit for CVE-2023-36845. This is dressing room access for any unauthenticated attacker, and they don’t even have to fuss about tossing a whoopee cushion on the system. They can remotely execute arbitrary code on Juniper firewalls without leaving any trace behind – no files added, no changed settings, no traces of an intruder.

Concerns Regarding CVE-2023-36845

This CVE party invitation is neatly addressed to a security loophole within the firewall system itself. CVE-2023-36845 refers to a hush-hush secret entrance that can sneak in some unwanted guests without even making a single noise – that’s right, no file creation. In the security world, that’s as stealthy as it gets. If you think your firewall is airtight, this might be the whistling windowpane you’ve missed.


In the realm of tech where ever-changing vulnerabilities pose new challenges every day, Juniper firewalls are facing the heat with almost 12,000 devices that are exposed to a newly disclosed remote code flaw. VulnCheck brought the panic to the party with an exploit for the CVE-2023-36845 loophole, which allows remote and unauthenticated attackers to pull off party tricks at will. If your firewall hasn't seen the inside of an update in a while, it might be sporting this season's hottest vulnerability.

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/09/over-12000-juniper-firewalls-found.html

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