FBI’s Alert: The $40 Million Cryptocurrency Cash Out Threat by North Korea’s TraderTraitor

FBI’s Alert: The $40 Million Cryptocurrency Cash Out Threat by North Korea’s TraderTraitor

The “Hide Yo’ Crypto, Hide Yo’ Coins” Bugle

Main Points:

  • The U.S. FBI has produced a warning that threat actors possibly connected to North Korea could be planning a $40 million cryptocurrency cash out.
  • The suspect of the operation is identified as TraderTraitor, alternatively referred to as Jade Sleet.
  • The FBI has carried out an investigation about this highly concerning blockchain activity.

Enter the Seven-Zero-Character Bandit

In a move that hollers, “Hide your kids, hide your crypto,” the United States FBI recently issued a warning about potential threat actors operating under North Korea’s dark umbrella. This potential nefarious plot revolves around the notion of cashing out more than $40 million in stolen cryptocurrency. Now, that’s a stealing spree that would leave even the slickest of digital pickpocketers breathless!

Jade Sleet or TraderTraitor: What’s in a Name?

The mysterious villain at the center of this high-stakes cyber thriller is identified as ‘TraderTraitor,’ also known by its cover name, Jade Sleet. Imagine, if you will, having to introduce yourself at villainous networking events! “Hello, I’m TraderTraitor but you can call me Jade Sleet when the crypto heat is on.”

Gumshoes Grab Their Digital Magnifying Glasses

Not to be left bamboozled, the FBI launched an extensive investigation into these eyebrow-raising blockchain activities. While just how deep their rabbit hole goes is kept tightly under wraps, there’s no doubt our agents are out there right now, trench coats flapping in the wind as they decode the great conundrums of our blockchain-infused times.


Uncle Sam’s own, the U.S. FBI, has flagged an alert about potential threat actors who may be aiming to cash out stolen cryptocurrency worth a whopping $40 million. Classified as TraderTraitor, or alternatively known as Jade Sleet, this phantom menace has prompted an in-depth probe by our favorite team of investigative whiz kids. So remember folks, secure your digital wallets and maintain stringent control measures – you never know when a pseudo North-Korean like Jade Sleet might be lurking in your blockchain’s shadows.

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/08/north-korean-affiliates-suspected-in.html

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