“FCC Fights Back: New Measures to Protect Against SIM Swapping and Port-Out Fraud”

“FCC Fights Back: New Measures to Protect Against SIM Swapping and Port-Out Fraud”

The FCC steps up to protect against SIM Swapping

– FCC introduces new rules to guard consumers against cell phone account scams
– The regulations target fraud methods like SIM-swapping and port-out fraud
– This move can prevent malicious actors from targeting personal information

The FCC Strikes Back Against Fraudsters

Breaking news in the tech world: The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is definitely bringing out the “comm” in “commission!” It’s laying down some new rules to help protect consumers from scammers who seem to love meddling more than your overly curious neighbor, nosing around your phone data.

No More SIM Swapping Swindles

The FCC is not playing “sim” city with your privacy. Yes, they are taking a stand on the scammy games some malicious actors have been playing. As part of their measures, they are adopting protections against SIM-swapping attacks. This sneaky scam involves bad actors covertly switching out your SIM cards to get their grubby paws on your data. Can’t they just sit back and enjoy some harmless ‘cat’ fishing like everyone else over summer?

Putting an End to Port-Out Fraud

And that’s not all – the FCC is also pulling the plug on port-out fraud. This con job involves phone numbers being ported or transferred to a different device than the one you own. It’s their way of ensuring that your number doesn’t become another number in the scammer’s fraud hotline! Now, isn’t that refreshing?

Wrapping Up

In summary, the FCC is pulling out all the stops to protect consumer cell phone accounts from scams such as SIM-swapping and port-out fraud. This move will help shield your data and personal information from the tech villains out there. So, next time you’re fretting over a possible data breach, remember, the FCC’s got your back… and your front, and your sides. They’re like the all-around superhero this tech world needs. Looks like it’s game over for those data-hungry scammers!

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/11/fcc-enforces-stronger-rules-to-protect.html

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