And We’re Back!…

And We’re Back!…

It is time…. is now and I’ve been on sabbatical long enough. If you can recall, sometime around mid 2018 I started my Youtube channel and began my journey of pursuing the coveted OSCP certification. Long story short, I took it 3 times, never achieved it and decided to move onward. I learned so much about that discipline of Cyber-Security. The OSCP is still on my bucket-list and if and when I get that itch once more, me and the OSCP will duke it out once again.

Let’s talk about the present moment.

Allow me to introduce to you the new!

Kick your feet up, take a gander. Since I started making videos online, sharing my experiences and helping others pave their way to a new career in tech, I really think I found a true new passion. Outside of helping myself, self teaching and advancing my career, there are so many others who just need that extra push or motivation to keep going. This is where the rebranding idea for Cyber Bunee came from. Basically it was changing the site from my hacker alias “Bunee Flacs”, to Cyber Bunee which is more of a collective of newbies to tech but also others who share my vision of helping others come up. My future plans for this site is to be a hub for newbies, a motivational tool, a way to springboard into tech and cybersecurity. Stayed tuned because this site will soon have many resources and courses to help the next generation break into tech, protect cyber assets of high paying organizations, but most importantly, change their lives.

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