“iLeakage Attack: Unmasking the Threat to Apple’s A- and M-Series CPUs”

“iLeakage Attack: Unmasking the Threat to Apple’s A- and M-Series CPUs”

Main Points:
– A new side-channel attack, iLeakage, has been discovered that exploits a weakness in Apple’s A- and M-series CPUs.
– This attack can allow sensitive information to be extracted from the Safari web browser on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS devices.
– Attackers can cause Safari to render a webpage and then recover sensitive information present within it.
– The academics who discovered this have suggested a potential fix for Apple.

Unraveling the iLeakage Attack

Seems like a group of academics woke up on the wrong side of academia and decided to create trouble for Apple. They’ve engineered a classic side-channel attack which they’ve lovingly christened “iLeakage”. This attack largely targets Apple’s A- and M-series CPUs. If Apple devices were ships, it’s like the academics discovered a loose board on the hull.

Sailing the Dangerous Seas of the Web

Hold on tight to your Safari hats, dear readers, because things are going to get rocky. With the iLeakage attack, an adversary can convince Safari to display any webpage they fancy. It’s like an unwanted magician’s trick where he makes your favorite watch disappear, but instead of a watch, it’s your sensitive data being siphoned away.

“Eureka!” Moment with a Twist

Like Alexander Graham Bell discovering the telephone, only in this case, it’s a batch of zealous academics whose discovery, unfortunately, could make your private life a little too public! These academics didn’t just identify the loophole; they went one step further and suggested a fix to Apple… with hopefully less of a snake oil aspect than some of our beloved infomercial products.

Bird’s Eye View

Summing it all up: A new attack, iLeakage, has been uncovered that exposes weaknesses in Apple’s A- and M-series CPUs, potentially leaving users of Safari on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS devices vulnerable to having their delicate info plucked like a ripe apple by malicious folks. The academics who found this issue aren’t just whistle-blowers but also knights in shining armor, suggesting ways Apple can close the loophole and make the tech sea a little safer.

One thing’s for sure, given how rapid technology changes, it’s about as wild as a safari in Africa. Kelly, pack my khakis… I mean coding jacket, we’re going for a wild ride!

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/10/ileakage-new-safari-exploit-impacts.html

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