“Iran’s OilRig Strikes Again: Unpacking the Menorah Malware Menace”

“Iran’s OilRig Strikes Again: Unpacking the Menorah Malware Menace”

“OilRig: An Unexpected Gift From Iran Topped With A Menorah”

Main Points

  • Mysterious Iranian cyber assailants known as OilRig are associated with a new spear-phishing effort infecting targets with Menorah, a flagship malware strain.
  • As stated by Trend Micro researchers Mohamed Fahmy and Mahmoud Zohdy, this malware is tailored for cyberespionage. It possesses capabilities like identifying the host machine, reading, and uploading files from it, as well as installing another file or malicious software.

OilRig Strike Again: Menorah’s Debut

They might oil their beards, but we’re meant to protect our software from their oily tactics. The infamous cyber brains funded by Iran, humorously dubbed ‘OilRig,’ are back. Their newest toy? It’s a software that acts like a Trojan horse but more festive, introducing ‘Menorah.’

Cyberespionage: Not A Game For The Light-Hearted

According to Trend Micro, computer experts with names that might ensure they are not invited to a Thanksgiving dinner, Mohamed Fahmy and Mahmoud Zohdy, this newly introduced malware is anything but child’s play. Its purpose is to serve as a cyberespionage tool. How? It can pinpoint the victim’s machine, sneakily read and upload files from it, and malevolently download another file or malware, making your system its home sweet home.

Final Recap: One Menorah You Don’t Want This Hanukkah

In short, Iran’s cyber-geniuses are at it again, this time, with a tool that’s sure to put a damper on your holiday cheer. Their newest malware, Menorah, is designed to infiltrate, overstay its welcome, and introduce uninvited friends into your computer system. Sure, it’s not as friendly as the neighbor who drops off hot latkes during Hanukkah, but it surely knows how to make a grand entry!


Iran-backed cyber actors OilRig have popped up on the radar again, with spear-phishing efforts using a new malware strain known as Menorah. This cybersecurity risk, outlined by researchers Mohamed Fahmy and Mahmoud Zohdy from Trend Micro, is capable of identifying hardware, reading or uploading files, and downloading additional malicious software. In essence, it’s a black-tie party for cyber-criminals in your personal device. Let’s hope it’s not the kind that touch the wrong buttons, but I won’t hold my bytes.
Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/09/iranian-apt-group-oilrig-using-new.html

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