“KmsdBot Botnet Malware Upgrade: New Threats to IoT Devices”

“KmsdBot Botnet Malware Upgrade: New Threats to IoT Devices”

An Updated KmsdBot Botnet Malware Targets IoT Devices

  • An updated version of KmsdBot botnet malware is now aiming at vulnerable Internet of Things (IoT) devices, extending both its functionality and its scope of attack.
  • Security analyst Larry W. Cashdollar at Akamai revealed in a recent analysis that the malware now incorporates support for Telnet scanning and more CPU architectures.
  • The most recent version is capable of causing significant damage and trouble for IoT devices due to its expansive reach and enhanced features.

New Features of KmsdBot

The KsmsdBot botnet malware has recently gotten a reboot, re-emerging into the tech side of town with a new target: the vulnerable IoT devices. Packed with a more potent punch, it can reach farther and disrupt more with its amplified features. I guess you could say it’s definitely doing harmware!

Telnet Scanning and CPU Architectural Support

In the tech world, adding new features isn’t just for your latest smartphone update. Larry W. Cashdollar, our friendly neighborhood security analyst at Akamai, reports that KmsdBot has taken the same route. It’s adopted Telnet scanning, and increased support for a range of CPU architectures. It’s like they say, there’s no botnet like a broad-netted botnet!

The Danger Posed to IoT Devices

With its wider reach and enhanced attributes, the updated KmsdBot poses a serious threat to IoT devices. IoT devices, much like a busy dad on a weekend, are notoriously vulnerable to security threats, particularly those as flexible and expansive as KmsdBot. You know the old saying, “more power requires more secure buffering”. That might not be an old saying, but we can certainly make it one!)

Wrap Up

To sum it all up, the updated botnet malware, KmsdBot, is back, this time with increased abilities and extended reach. It’s added Telnet scanning and augmented support for different CPU architectures in its robo-pocket. The botnet is now a dragnet, posing a significant threat to vulnerable IoT devices. As our tech devices continue to become more integrated into our daily life, we need to ensure that they’re as secure as a dad’s garden shed. Because it isn’t enough for our devices to be smart, they also need to wise up!

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/08/kmsdbot-malware-gets-upgrade-now.html

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