Microsoft Azure AD OAuth Process Vulnerability Could Lead to Full Account Takeover

Microsoft Azure AD OAuth Process Vulnerability Could Lead to Full Account Takeover

Microsoft Azure AD OAuth Process Could Have Led to Full Account Takeover, Researchers Say

The Issue: Authentication Implementation Flaw in Microsoft Azure AD

A security weakness in the Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) Open Authorization (OAuth) process may have allowed hackers to gain access to full account takeover. The vulnerability was discovered and reported by California-based identity and access management service Descope in April 2023. The flaw has been dubbed “nOAuth”.

The Vulnerability: Flawed Authentication Process

The flaw, dubbed “nOAuth” by the researchers, is an authentication implementation flaw that could impact Microsoft Azure AD. The researchers discovered that the authentication process does not correctly validate tokens issued by OAuth providers, which could potentially allow a hacker to bypass Microsoft’s authentication measures.

The Risk: Potential Full Account Takeover

If a hacker exploited this vulnerability, they could gain access to Azure AD accounts, which could lead to data breaches and other security incidents. This could be particularly dangerous for businesses, as it could put sensitive data at risk of being accessed and exploited.

The Solution: Security Patch Released

To address the issue, Microsoft released a security patch in June 2023. It is highly recommended that all users of Azure AD OAuth update their software to ensure that the vulnerability has been addressed and any potential risks have been mitigated.


The nOAuth vulnerability in the Microsoft Azure AD OAuth process is a reminder of the importance of regularly updating software and promptly applying security patches that have been commonly created to protect against known security vulnerabilities. This will help users of Azure AD OAuth to ensure maximum security and minimize the potential risks associated with data breaches and other security incidents.Original Article:

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