“Mustang Panda Cyber Assault: Chinese Hackers stir South Pacific Tensions”

“Mustang Panda Cyber Assault: Chinese Hackers stir South Pacific Tensions”

Mustang Panda Makes Mischief: Chinese Hacker Group Targets Philippine Government

  • China-affiliated Mustang Panda targeted a Philippines government entity in a recent cyber attack.
  • Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 connected the group to three campaigns in August 2023, primarily directed at the South Pacific.
  • The campaigns made good use of legitimate software applications to cloak their malicious operations

Mustang Panda Pounces on the Philippines

Amidst a simmering pot of tension in the South China Sea, the Mustang Panda has decided to stir things up even more. This China-affiliated cyber actor has a habit of ‘panda-monium,’ this time targeting a Philippines government entity in a calculated cyber attack. It’s like a digital version of Capture the Flag, only the stakes are international security and peace.

Three Stubborn Strands of Cyber Spaghetti: Mustang Panda’s Latest Plots

Dishing out some cyber spaghetti, Palo Alto Networks Unit 42, which must be code for ‘Cyber Detective Agency,’ has traced the sneaky pawprints of Mustang Panda to three suspected cyber campaigns. Always one to hold its cards close to its chest, the Panda targetted organizations chiefly residing on the sunny islands of the South Pacific in August 2023. It was probably trying to escape China’s summer humidity.

Within the Trojan Horse: Cloaked Malice

Never one for a frontal assault, our Panda is fond of cloaking its misdemeanors within mundane everyday software applications. Using such a cleverly-disguised Trojan Horse, it infiltrates networks, stealing sensitive data and enjoying global chaos with a side of bamboo. Nothing like a salad bar of worldwide disorder to spice up the Panda’s delicately-planned dish.


To sum it all up, Mustang Panda, a known Chinese cyber group, has recently poked the Philippines via a cyber attack amidst the ongoing South China Sea dispute. Detected by the eagle-eyed Palo Alto Networks Unit 42, these cyber wrongdoers have increased their game with three new major campaigns in motion since August 2023. Like a cook in a digital kitchen, they seasoned these attacks by hiding them within legitimate software applications, making it a challenge to trace back to them. But remember, just like every dad says “You can’t cook up a storm without someone tasting it!”

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/11/mustang-panda-hackers-targets.html

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