“North Korean Hacker Group Andariel Shifts to Go Lang Malware for South Korean Corporate Attacks: A Deep-Dive into 2023’s Cybersecurity Shift”

“North Korean Hacker Group Andariel Shifts to Go Lang Malware for South Korean Corporate Attacks: A Deep-Dive into 2023’s Cybersecurity Shift”

North Korean Actor ‘Andariel’ Turns to Go Lang Malware for Corporate Assaults

Main Points

  • North Korean threat actor, Andariel, has changed its cyber-battle strategy by utilizing an arsenal of malicious software written in the Go language.
  • The attacks are targeting corporate and organizational networks in South Korea.
  • According to the AhnLab Security Emergency Response Center (ASEC), numerous malware strains were observed in 2023, developed in the Go language.

Go Lang – The New Weapon in Cyber Warfare

Andariel, a cyber activity group with its roots traced back to North Korea, has whipped out a fresh tech weapon from its armory – Go language malware. If you believe malware is a type of critter that hides under your bed or in your closet, odds are, you’ve watched too many sci-fis. In reality, malware is simply a type of software designed to cause harm, and Go Language appears to be this cyber-baddie’s newest best friend.

Corporate South Korea – The New Target

No corporate entity loves uninvited guests, and certainly not if they come knocking from North Korea! The report reveals that Andariel, who’s had a penchant for stirring digital conflicts, has recently planned its cyber attacks on the southern counterpart’s organizations and corporations. While this sounds like the plot to a cyberpunk thriller, it’s unfortunately a reality for these corporate entities. Guess it’s not all just ‘kimchi and k-pop’ in the land of morning calm.

Go, Set, Hack: The Rising Trend of Go Malware

According to the recent findings by ASEC, 2023 has marked a clear shift towards increasing attacks utilizing malware strains developed in the Go programming language. This isn’t a case of “Go-Lang-Or-Go-Home,” rather – “Go-Lang-And-Stay-Home,” in the interest of online security!


The North Korean cyber activity group, Andariel, has changed gears and is now executing its cyber attacks using malware written in the Go language. The newfound interest in Go Language malware has primarily been used against organizations and corporations in South Korea. ASEC produced a deep-dive revealing that the number of malware strains developed using Go has seen a substantial rise in 2023. Guess Andariel decided to “Go hard or Go home”…unfortunately, home looks like it’s corporate South Korea.

If malware was a superhero, it would be the ‘Go-Go Gadget of the Dark Web’. But remember, while Andariel is off playing with its new toy, the good guys are always in the lab, cooking up some ‘Go-lang-Gone’ repellent. Because in cybersecurity, it’s always just another day saving the digital world.

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/09/researchers-warn-of-cyber-weapons-used.html


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