“North Korean Hackers’ New Tactic: The Hidden Threat in CyberLink Installer”

“North Korean Hackers’ New Tactic: The Hidden Threat in CyberLink Installer”

## Main Points:
– A North Korean state-sponsored hacker group known as Diamond Sleet is now resorting to more cunning ways of attack.
– They’ve manipulated a legitimate application, developed by a Taiwanese multimedia software company called CyberLink.
– The application installer has been modified to include malicious code that downloads, creating a supply chain attack onto the unsuspecting users.
– The purpose of this covert operation, target downstream customers.

## The Hacker Trying Out A New Suit: Diamond Sleet’s New Strategy
Hacker groups are like chameleons. They change their ways faster than a cat chasing a laser pointer. And in the cybersecurity chameleon game, North Korea’s state-sponsored heavyweights, Diamond Sleet, has got some new skin. Instead of the usual suspect, they’re taking an innocent multimedia software tool from a Taiwanese company called CyberLink and accessorizing it with some unwanted code. That’s like adding jalapenos to your banana smoothie. Not cool.

## Trojan Horse of the 21st Century: The Modified CyberLink Installer
Just imagine, you download a promising application only to realise that it actually ends up menacing your computer. Yep, that’s kind of what’s happening here. Diamond Sleet has altered a legitimate application installer to include malicious software. It’s like buying a new pair of jeans, only to discover it makes your butt look huge! They lure you in with the promise of a functional program, but behind-the-scenes, there’s code downloading nasties to your system. Talk about a supply chain attack waiting in the wings.

## Who’s the Prey? Targeting Downstream Customers
Diamond Sleet doesn’t go hunting without knowing its prey. It’s not just randomly firing in the cyber wilderness. They have specific aim – targeting downstream customers of CyberLink’s apps. I suppose it’s a little bit like fishing, but these guys don’t use bait… they use malware. And let’s be honest, that’s not exactly a fair game.

## Summary
In the cyber jungle, new predators are always emerging. This time, it’s our not-so-old friend, Diamond Sleet, turning their sights on unsuspecting CyberLink users. By injecting malicious code into a legitimate app installer, they’re targeting downstream customers through a cruelly crafted supply chain attack. It’s a treacherous game of cat and mouse, where the mousetrap is hidden inside a seemingly harmless cheese. Beware of what you download, folks, after all, it’s a wild world-web out there!Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/11/north-korean-hackers-distribute.html

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