“Operation Africa Cyber Surge II: Tracing $40 Million Losses from 20,674 Cyber Networks”

“Operation Africa Cyber Surge II: Tracing $40 Million Losses from 20,674 Cyber Networks”

14 Cybercriminal Suspects Nabbed in Pan-African Operation

INTERPOL and AFRIPOL’s Coordinated Cyber Haul

In a “virtual” lockdown of a different kind, a coordinated law enforcement operation engaging 25 African countries has zapped 14 suspected cybercriminals into digital handcuffs. Announced on a Friday that’s good for everyone but the hackers, this operation was spearheaded by none other than INTERPOL. Talk about a ‘bad connection’ for the cyber ruled, folks!

20,674 Cyber Networks Unveiled

The online raid, which witnessed a merger of police forces and cybersecurity experts much like Voltron, managed to identify a staggering 20,674 cyber networks. These networks were hauling in serious digital dough linked to more than $40 million in financial losses. That’s some serious cybernetic pick-pocketing there, if I ever saw one.

Operation Africa Cyber Surge II

Branded as “Africa Cyber Surge II”, the operation gave the suspected system swindlers quite a shock. In what may seem like a scene straight out of Tron, this operation was set in motion in April 2023 and ran for a fraud-busting four months. Who knew the cyber police could race against the clock so effectively, right?


In a transcontinental sweep, 14 suspected cybercriminals were rounded up by INTERPOL and AFRIPOL in a joint operation across 25 African countries. Dubbed “Africa Cyber Surge II”, the operation unmasked 20,674 cyber networks and traced more than $40 million in financial losses. Like a digital whack-a-mole game, this four-month crusade against online thievery, starting in April 2023, dealt a hard blow to cybercrime. And if these operations continue, cybercriminals might have to consider switching to a less risky pastime… like online bingo.

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/08/14-suspected-cybercriminals-arrested.html

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