OT Security Practices: Importance Amidst Increasing Cybersecurity Threats to Critical Infrastructure

OT Security Practices: Importance Amidst Increasing Cybersecurity Threats to Critical Infrastructure

OT security practices.”

Three Security Vulnerabilities Found in OT Products

Recently, cybersecurity firm Forescout discovered three security vulnerabilities in operational technology (OT) products from Wago and Schneider Electric. These flaws are part of the broader set of shortcomings called OT:ICEFALL, which consists of a total of 61 issues spanning across 13 different vendors.


OT:ICEFALL is a set of bugs and loopholes that threaten industrial automation parts and processes. These flaws allow attackers to exploit carious critical infrastructures, including rail, power grids, and oil or gas utilities. This vulnerability can cause catastrophic damage and financial losses, making stricter scrutiny of, and improvements to, processes related to OT security practices’ critical importance.

The Importance of OT Security Practices

The vulnerabilities in OT products demonstrate the importance of tighter scrutiny of and improvements to processes related to OT security practices. Manufacturing companies and critical infrastructure providers need to prioritize cybersecurity and limit the vulnerabilities that contribute to the success of cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity Threats to Critical Infrastructure

Cybersecurity threats to critical infrastructure have increased significantly in the last few years, indicating the need for more sophisticated security protocols and risk assessment methods. These breaches can lead to significant financial and safety issues, making them a primary concern for governments worldwide.


The discovery of three security vulnerabilities in OT products highlights the need for a more robust security framework to protect critical infrastructure. Cybersecurity threats to infrastructure like power grids, oil and gas utilities, railways, and other essential services can cause irreparable damage if not controlled or limited. These threats necessitate that companies take stricter measures to improve their OT security practices and prevent further attacks.Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/06/researchers-expose-new-severe-flaws-in.html


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