Overcoming Tech Debt: Balancing Investments in Legacy Technology Versus Cybersecurity

Overcoming Tech Debt: Balancing Investments in Legacy Technology Versus Cybersecurity

Dealing with the Inescapable Tech Debt and Cyber Threats

– Every established company, except for the brand-new startups, typically has accrued some level of tech debt due to successive solutions implemented under different leadership over time.
– Aging technologies can make your organization prone to cyber threats.
– Replacing old tech can be expensive but these expenses are often necessary investments considering the higher cost of data breach.

Accumulation of Tech Debt

While you think of that sweet, exciting time when your company was a start-up (oh, those golden years!), the reality of the present day is quite different. No, you’re not a start-up anymore. You bear the idiosyncrasies of a patchwork of solutions put in place over time, each sewn on by different leaders with different goals and targets. This accumulation is what we tech nerds call “tech debt”, and every company has a slice of this technology pie. I guess you could call it the “cookie monster” of the tech industry!

Unpaid tech debts lead to Cyber Threats

But like any other debts, if ignored for too long, you might have to deal with some unwanted repercussions. Your organization might resemble your old Windows 95; it still works, but it’s far from being efficient or updated. If your systems become outdated, cyber baddies may target your infrastructure. And unlike your Uncle Joe at Thanksgiving, these guys aren’t just here for the turkey.

Replacing Legacy Technology: A Necessary Evil?

Legacy tech, much like your dad’s prized vinyl collection, might hold emotional value, but unfortunately isn’t as hipster cool. Legacy technologies, if not updated, can cost a hefty sum. While the price tag on ripping out and replacing them can be high, it’s a vital investment. Consider this: would you rather pay for a security upgrade, or suffer a data breach that’s the corporate equivalent of pantsing? Yes, even in financial terms, embarrassment is costly!

Summary – Tech Debt: The Necessary Grappling

In a nutshell, if your company isn’t brand spanking new, you’re likely torn between holding onto some of your older technologies and replacing them with newer (and sometimes pricey) solutions. But bear in mind, ignoring your tech debt and not investing in secure technology might equate to opening your doors to cyber threats. It’s always better to proactively manage tech debts instead of waking up to a cyber robocall asking for your bank details. Trust me; it’s not as fun as that time your prank-calling buddy asked if your fridge was running!Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/08/navigating-legacy-infrastructure-cisos.html


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