PostalFurious Launches New SMS Phishing Scheme in the UAE

PostalFurious Launches New SMS Phishing Scheme in the UAE

destination of the link.

PostalFurious Launches New SMS Phishing Scheme

What happened?

PostalFurious, a Chinese-speaking phishing group, has been involved in a new SMS campaign. It sets its sights on U.A.E. users, posing as postal services and toll operators.

What is the modus operandi of the scheme?

The phishing scheme involves sending fraudulent text messages to users, requesting them to pay vehicle trip fees to avoid further penalties. The messages are designed to deceive the victims and draw them to a fake website. The URL in the message is shortened to disguise the actual destination of the link, where personal information and payment data of the victims are collected.

What is the impact?

The U.A.E. residents need to be cautious of such schemes to avoid falling prey to such scams. Failure to do so could result in financial losses and data theft.

What should be done?

It is recommended to verify the authenticity of such messages before making any payment or divulging data online. Individuals should always consider the source of any message purportedly from a government or corporation, particularly if the message demands an urgent payment or requests information updates.


PostalFurious is back again with a new SMS campaign targeting users in the U.A.E. The group, known for masquerading as postal services and toll operators, sends deceptive messages asking the victims to pay vehicle trip fines to avoid additional fines. These messages contain shortened URLs that link to fake websites designed to collect personal and payment information from unsuspecting victims. Thus, people must be extremely cautious before clicking on such links or entering any confidential or financial data.Original Article:


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