Rise of the Cyber Threat: Understanding the DarkGate Malware Surge

Rise of the Cyber Threat: Understanding the DarkGate Malware Surge

Danger in the Inbox: DarkGate Malware Surge Noted

• Newly observed malspam campaign is utilising off-the-shelf DarkGate malware.
• Sped-up activities attributed to the fact that the software’s developer has taken to renting out the malware to selected affiliates- as per Telekom Security’s recent report.
• Current findings build onto previous reports from security experts.

Uninvited Guests In Your Digital Mail: DarkGate

The malspam scene has a new recruit, and it’s not here to make friends. A recent campaign using the off-the-shelf DarkGate malware has been spotted causing trouble in the virtual realm. Picture a trojan horse, but less Ancient Greek saga and more “let’s mess with your computer.” Less heroic, definitely.

A DarkGate Investment? It’s the Stark Reality

Want a reason behind the sudden DarkGate surge? Look no further than its entrepreneurial developer. Taking a page out of the modern gig economy (think Uber but for malicious code), the creator has begun leasing out the malware to select affiliates. Telekom Security notes in a recent report, “The current spike in DarkGate malware activity is plausible given the fact that the developer of the malware has recently started to rent out the malware to a limited number of affiliates.” Seems like the ‘side hustle’ trend isn’t limited to humans after all!

Findings Upon Findings Spell Ongoing Trouble

But hang on, our tale of web-based woe doesn’t end there. As it turns out, the malware renting out is just a drop in the digital ocean. Further findings from intrepid security sleuths have been piling up, spelling ongoing trouble for innocent devices everywhere. It seems like we may already be knee-deep into a bad byte-bit crisis!

In Summary: Malware’s New Normal?

All these findings underscore an alarming trend: Instead of developing new, complex malware, the cyber-underworld is optimising and sharing existing ones. Just like we’ve swapped DVDs for Netflix, they’re opting for a subscription-based strategy. This ‘sharing’ economy looks a lot darker from here!

Long Story Short

New observations pinpoint a malspam campaign deploying an ‘off-the-shelf’ malware, DarkGate. The usage spike is credited to the developer renting out the malware. This disturbing trend coupled with other security findings spells trouble for digital device owners. Looks like even malware is going the ‘rent-not-buy’ route, but I doubt this story ends with a five-star driver rating.

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/08/darkgate-malware-activity-spikes-as.html

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