“Rising Adoption of AI Tools: Ensuring SaaS Security Amidst Rapid Technological Advancements”

“Rising Adoption of AI Tools: Ensuring SaaS Security Amidst Rapid Technological Advancements”

AI Tools Rising Fast, but Many Overlook Serious SaaS Security Risks

Main Points

  • Employees surreptitiously use AI tools without undergoing the necessary IT and cybersecurity reviews.
  • This growing trend mirrors the past conundrum with SaaS shadow IT, testing cybersecurity teams’ capabilities.
  • The exceptional growth of platforms like ChatGPT, which garnered 100 million users in just 60 days, exemplifies the rapid advancement and adoption of AI tech, often with minimal oversight.

The Stealthy Adoption of AI & Imminent Security Risks

Just like your cousin Bob who shows up at family parties uninvited, AI tools are being sneakily employed by ambitious employees, oft without the nephew – cybersecurity check protocols – being informed. The growing popularity of AI technology, in the corporate world and beyond, is leading to increased covert usage with minimal regard for set IT and cybersecurity policies and procedures. Password-protected brownies, anyone?

An Uncomfortable Déjà Vu: The SaaS Shadow IT Scenario

Remember the mischievous SaaS shadow IT lurking about your corporate networks? Now, the AI equivalent has come knocking, putting cybersecurity teams in a relatable, but nonetheless tricky spot. It’s like trying to catch your kid while they’re secretly raiding the cookie jar but this time, your corporate cookie jar could be at stake!

Unprecedented Acceleration: Case in Point – ChatGPT’s Rise

ChatGPT’s sprint to acquiring over 100 million users within 60 days of its launch paints a clearer picture. It’s like AI is on a treadmill and continuously hitting the ‘increase speed’ button, leaving oversight and security audit processes panting to catch up.


In a nutshell, while AI tech adoption speeds up like a caffeine-fueled coder in a hackathon, there’s an increased risk of SaaS security being left in the dust. Employees hankering after the latest AI tools are often ignoring required IT and cybersecurity procedures, creating a scenario reminiscent of the SaaS shadow IT situation from not-so-long-ago. Tools like ChatGPT have witnessed an epic surge in popularity, emphasizing the need for stronger AI oversight and control measures – before your corporate cookie jar comes crashing down, along with your secure data.

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/11/ai-solutions-are-new-shadow-it.html


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