“Rising Tide of DDoS Attacks: Unraveling the Surge with Gcore Radar Insights”

“Rising Tide of DDoS Attacks: Unraveling the Surge with Gcore Radar Insights”

DDoS Attack Intensity Skyrockets – Gcore Radar Gives the Lowdown

Main Points:

• DDoS attacks have significantly increased in numerous industries.
• Starting at an average strength of 800 Gbps in 2023, some attacks have now surged to 1.5+ Tbps.
• Gcore’s defense system has faced two major consecutive attacks, each with a different strategy.

Attack-o-palooza: DDoS Frequency Touches the Sky

The world’s gone digital and apparently, so has its version of ‘breaking windows’. DDoS attacks – the rowdy bit teen gang of the online world – have dramatically ramped up in their intensity across various industries. This recent trend is reminiscent of my son’s liking for his toothpaste-like spinach smoothie – increasing at an alarming rate!

Woah, That’s Some Super(attack)man Scaling

Just like a teenager’s laundry mountain, DDoS strength has grown stupendously. Beginning from a strength of 800 Gbps at the onset of 2023, we now witness peaks shooting up to a mindboggling 1.5+ Tbps. To give you some perspective, that’s like swapping a mere snail race for a full-throttle F1 Grand Prix – quite the digital acceleration there!

Mastering the Art of Defense

In a digital game of chess, Gcore found itself pitted against two major attacks, each employing a different tac-tic. Why, one wonders? Well, it’s not much different from my wife alternating between doughnuts and chocolate to defeat my famed diet resistance!


As per the Gcore Radar report, the world has taken a giant leap into the territory of DDoS attacks, making it the newest online menace. With attack intensities reaching plus sizes, we’re witnessing an unprecedented surge in the strength of these digital battles. Gcore, standing firm like an aged superhero, faced two major onslaughts with perpetrators trying to employ different strategies each time. Good thing we aren’t “byte-size” anymore, if you know what I mean!

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/12/discover-how-gcore-thwarted-powerful.html

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