“Shipping Companies Consider Nuclear Fission for Decarbonization – Pros and Cons”

“Shipping Companies Consider Nuclear Fission for Decarbonization – Pros and Cons”

Shipping Companies Consider Nuclear Fission to Decarbonize


Shipping companies are facing a real challenge – how to decarbonize their industry. As a result, they are considering a polarizing solution – nuclear fission.

Main Points

  • Shipping companies are looking to decarbonize their industry
  • Nuclear fission is a polarizing option to achieve this goal
  • Some shipping companies are taking another look at nuclear fission

Nuclear Fission for Decarbonizing

Shipping companies are well aware of the environmental impact of their industry, particularly on the increase of greenhouse gas emissions. They are therefore looking at different alternative options for decarbonizing their operations. Nuclear fission is a technology that has been discussed for decades but has always been a controversial and divisive solution.

However, some shipping companies are taking a second look at nuclear fission. They believe that it could produce clean and safe energy that could significantly reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Nuclear fission is a well-understood technology that has been used in the generation of electricity for decades. It involves splitting the nucleus of an atom to release energy. The energy is then harnessed to generate electricity or propel a ship.

Controversy Surrounding Nuclear Fission

Despite its promising potential, nuclear fission is a highly divisive energy solution. Many people are opposed to it, citing the potential for radioactive contamination and the risk of accidents. Additionally, the high capital cost of nuclear power plants can also pose a significant challenge.


Shipping companies are under intense pressure to reduce their carbon emissions and are exploring different solutions to achieve this goal. Nuclear fission is one such option, but its controversial nature means it will not be a simple solution. Nevertheless, some shipping companies are taking another look at this polarizing technology, recognizing its potential to cut their carbon emissions.Original Article: https://www.wired.com/story/nuclear-cargo-ships/

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