ShroudedSnooper: New Cyber Threat on Middle East Telecom Providers with Stealthy Backdoor HTTPSnoop

ShroudedSnooper: New Cyber Threat on Middle East Telecom Providers with Stealthy Backdoor HTTPSnoop

Middle East Telecom Companies Targeted by New Intrusion Set, ShroudedSnooper

Main Points

  • Newly discovered intrusion set, ShroudedSnooper, targets Middle Eastern Telecom Service Providers
  • ShroudedSnooper employs an effective backdoor named HTTPSnoop
  • HTTPSnoop uses unique techniques to interact with Windows HTTP kernel drivers and devices
  • It listens to incoming requests for specific HTTP(S) URLs and executes that content on system

ShroudedSnooper Targets Middle Eastern Telecom Giants

In a plot twist worthy of a sci-fi thriller, there’s a new cyber-villain in town dubbed ShroudedSnooper that’s specifically targeting powerful telecom service providers in the Middle East. It seems that this is not your run-of-the-mill rogue A.I. from a cheesy B-grade movie, but a well-constructed threat setting its sight on telecom kingpins in the region.

Stealthy Backdoor, HTTPSnoop, in Play

Now, this might not come with a cloak and dagger, but the antagonist here employs a stealthy backdoor (the type that might make Harry Potter and his invisibility cloak envious) called HTTPSnoop. This is not a simple, “drop a malware and run” situation. HTTPSnoop is an advanced piece of cyber-wizardry that uses novel techniques to wreak havoc.

Special Techniques to Engage With Windows HTTP Kernel Drivers and Devices

HTTPSnoop is a true cyber ninja, skilfully leveraging unique techniques to interface with Windows HTTP kernel drivers and devices. This is the digital equivalent of getting the keys to the kingdom since it allows the villainous ShroudedSnooper to infiltrate the system at the deepest level.

Listening to Incoming Requests and Execution

Like an overzealous cosmic eavesdropper, HTTPSnoop listens in to incoming requests for specific HTTP(S) URLs. Once it zeroes in on relevant data, it executes that content on the system. It’s like setting Alexa to order 500 rubber ducks every time a specific song is played on the radio!


Telecommunication giants in the Middle East have a new enemy, a shady infiltration set named ShroudedSnooper, equipped with the masterful backdoor, HTTPSnoop. This cyber menace is not simply destructive but brilliantly strategic. It interfaces with critical components of the Windows system using innovative techniques, listens for very specific data and then uses that data to execute commands. It’s a ‘data heist’ of epic proportions. Just remember, in the world of cyber threats, it’s not who’s got the biggest wand, but who’s got the stealthiest backdoor!

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