“Shutting Down Cyber Intruders: Apple’s Swift Response to Zero-Day Vulnerabilities”

“Shutting Down Cyber Intruders: Apple’s Swift Response to Zero-Day Vulnerabilities”

Apple Fixes Three Zero-Day Flaws Used in Predator Spyware Attack

  • Three zero-day vulnerabilities in Apple devices were exploited to target former Egyptian politician, Ahmed Eltantawy with Predator spyware.
  • The attack happened between May and September 2023, after Eltantawy announced his intentions to run for Egypt’s 2024 Presidential race.
  • Apple deployed security patches to address these loopholes on September 21, 2023.

Closing Loopholes: The Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

When it comes to tech, “zero-day” isn’t exactly a won’t-sit-on-my-hard-drive-for-long type of exciting software package. Quite the contrary, these vulnerabilities can provide an open door for any pesky cyber-ninja wishing to copy, read or alter your data without your say-so. In this case, our three uninvited guests were part of an exploit chain targeting a well-known Egyptian, Ahmed Eltantawy. Talk about an iPharaoh seeking protection from Apple’s pyramid!

Presidential Predatorial Problems: Eltantawy’s Eventful Year

If you thought digital toxicity only exists in Twitter warfare and rage comments on YouTube, brace yourself for the spyware Hunger Games! The predator became the prey after Ahmed Eltantawy, a star in Egypt’s political stage announced his intention to run for president. Not quite the presidential fanfare one might expect for what should have been a run-of-the-mill campaign season!

Heroes in the Tech-Universe: Apple’s Response

While our Gotham city’s Bat-Signal came in the form of zero-day vulnerabilities, Apple played the Batman, promptly swooping in with fixes on September 21, 2023. This move ensured that all devices running Apple’s software got immunized faster than an antivirus on home ground.


This is a tale of tech, vulnerability, a political power play, and a resolution reminiscent of superhero movies. Between May and September 2023, Ahmed Eltantawy, an Egyptian politician planning to run for president, was targeted by the Predator spyware through three zero-day Apple vulnerabilities. But fear not, for Apple, in a move worthy of its trillion-dollar status, promptly patched up these Ausweis-sized holes on September 21, 2023, resulting in a happier ending than you’d find in a classic reboot.

So remember, whether you’re an everyday Joe or running for office, always update your device promptly. It might just save your potential presidency. That’s Apple for you: they can’t keep the doctor away, but boy can they keep cyber bugs at bay!

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/09/latest-apple-zero-days-used-to-hack.html


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