“SideCopy Attacks: WinRAR Vulnerability Exploited Targeting Indian Government”

“SideCopy Attacks: WinRAR Vulnerability Exploited Targeting Indian Government”

SideCopy Exploits WinRAR Vulnerability to Target Indian Government

Main Points

  • The Pakistan-linked threat actor SideCopy has been exploiting the WinRAR security vulnerability.
  • This attack targets Indian government entities to deliver remote access trojans (RATs) like AllaKore RAT, Ares RAT, and DRat.
  • Enterprise security firm SEQRITE described the campaign as multi-platform, designed to infiltrate both Windows and Linux systems.

SideCopy and the WinRAR Flaw

Previously a B-side band no one paid much attention to, the Pakistan-associated threat actor SideCopy has burst to the top of the charts by exploiting the recently discovered WinRAR security vulnerability. Like the worst stalker ex-girlfriend, these attacks are specifically aimed at the Indian government entities, delivering deadly digital gifts such as AllaKore RAT, Ares RAT, and DRat.

From the Defense: SEQRITE’s Observation

Ring the alarm because enterprise security firm SEQRITE has come in screaming. They’ve described the cyber villain’s campaign as multi-platform, planning attacks that slip through both the exclusive Windows club as well as the hipster Linux parlour. Talk about not being picky! It’s like ordering at a restaurant and telling the waiter: “Just bring whatever’s most vulnerable.”


To sum up this techno-thriller plot, the Pakistani threat actor (not an actual actor, unless malware writing is a screenplay now) SideCopy has been letting loose a wave of digital terrors in the form of remote access trojans. These attacks, exploiting the WinRAR security flaw, are targeting Indian government entities. Security firm SEQRITE observes that this cyber assault isn’t partial to just one platform – it’s open to causing chaos on both Windows and Linux systems. Guess it’s a buffet out there in the cybercrime world!

Oh, and here’s that dad joke you ordered: Why don’t hackers like nature? Because they can’t resist a good phishing spot.

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/11/sidecopy-exploiting-winrar-flaw-in.html


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