“SLAM Attack: New Security Threat Exposed for Intel, AMD and Arm CPUs”

“SLAM Attack: New Security Threat Exposed for Intel, AMD and Arm CPUs”

Main points

• Researchers from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam have exposed a new side-channel attack labelled SLAM.
• This attack has the potential to reveal sensitive data from kernel memory in current and future CPUs from Intel, AMD, and Arm.
• SLAM is an exploit for Spectre that is based on a new feature in Intel CPUs named Linear Address Masking (LAM).
• It also includes its equivalent operations in other processors for the attack.

SLAM Dunk: The New CPU Risk

In an unexpected turn of events, researchers from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam have served us another technological thriller. This time, they have unearthed a dazzling new side-channel attack immaculately termed as SLAM. In what could be seen as a CPU’s worst nightmare, this attack cleverly leaches vital information from the processor’s kernel memory. And hold on to your silicon chips, folks, because this isn’t just frightening the pants off Intel, but AMD and Arm are also in the hot seat.

Intel Inside, Info Outside?

Here comes the freaky part, SLAM is not some coding boogie man spawned from the deepest pits of the Dark Web. Nope, it’s actually an end-to-end exploit for the infamous Spectre (you know, the one that made your computer’s heart go ‘spectre’-cularly fast in worry), which is a fancy way of saying it utilizes a new feature in Intel CPUs called Linear Address Masking (LAM). I guess Intel might want to consider renaming it to ‘Leaky Address Masking’ now, eh?

Not Just Intel, It’s a CPU Party

But Intel isn’t alone in this adorable game of kernel peek-a-boo. SLAM has, in its mighty wisdom, also included the corresponding operations in other processors, such as AMD and Arm. So, ladies and gentlemen, it’s not just an Intel issue. It seems we’ve stumbled upon a universal processor party where information is leaking out like confetti. Get your umbrellas ready as it seems like we’re in the midst of a data shower.


In a nutshell, the researchers from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam have revealed another spooky quirk about CPUs. SLAM, a new side-channel attack, can potentially extract sensitive details from the kernel memory of current and upcoming CPUs. Whether it’s Intel, AMD, or Arm, no one’s safe from this byte biter. Alarmingly, SLAM employs a new trait in Intel CPUs, the Linear Address Masking, in addition to its analogue operations in other chips like AMD and Arm. It’s like a Sherlock Holmes tale but with CPUs and leaks. It seems the Silicon Valley is no longer silicon sealed, folks!Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/12/slam-attack-new-spectre-based.html

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