“Sneaky APK Files: Uncommon Compression Methods to Dodge Malware Detection”

“Sneaky APK Files: Uncommon Compression Methods to Dodge Malware Detection”

APK Files Dodge Detection with Uncommon Compression Methods: A Sneaky Tech Tale

Here’s the key points:

– Threat actors are using unfamiliar compression methods in Android Package (APK) files to slip past malware analysis.
– These findings are courtesy of the good folks at Zimperium, who identified 3,300 such artifacts in the wild.
– Apart from being uncommon, these samples are crafty. 71 of them can be loaded on the operating system without causing any visible issues.
– No evidence has been found that these apps were available on the Google Play store.

Troublesome APK Files use Stealth Compression

In an unexpected chess move we didn’t see coming (because we were too busy debating iOS versus Android), threat actors are using Android Package (APK) files with nifty, under-the-radar compression methods to dodge malware analysis. Yes, it’s like smuggling contraband in the most complex origami ever made – full of folds and twists, with no instructions included!

Zimperium Discovers Artifacts in the Cyber Jungle

Now, if you’re wondering how we got the scoop, it’s all thanks to Zimperium. They scoured the cyber world and found 3,300 artifacts using these sneaky compression algorithms out in the wild. Imagine that – navigating the swamps of code, brushing aside the undergrowth of encrypted data, scraping off the digital mud to uncover these little treasures. Oh, the drama!

71 Samples Found: No Issues, No Fuss

What’s more, these APK miscreants are not only sneaky, but they are also quite talented. Among this cabal, 71 of the identified samples can just slide onto your operating system without causing any hiccups or raising any red flags. Just like those “friend” requests from people you swore you didn’t know, but suddenly, they’re sharing your posts.

No Google Play Involvement Detected

Now, before you start giving the side-eye to your Google Play Store, rest easy, my friend! So far, there’s been no sign that these apps made their way onto the popular app platform. It seems even digital deviants have their standards, eh?

APK Files, Crafty Compression, and the Art of Eluding Detection: The Recap

So, in short: Threat actors are using non-standard compression methods in APK files to dodge malware detection. Zimperium, during their cyber jungle expedition, identified 3,300 samples using such techniques. Among them, 71 can load up on an operating system without causing a flutter. Thankfully, these mischievous apps aren’t part of the party goers on Google Play Store. It’s a sneaky world out there, so always keep your cybersecurity wits about you, unless you want to become the punchline of a “dad-joke” about viruses!

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/08/thousands-of-android-malware-apps-using.html


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