“Spanish Police Bust Online Scam Ring: €3 Million Seized”

“Spanish Police Bust Online Scam Ring: €3 Million Seized”

Spanish Officials Ring Out Scam Ring, Seize €3 Million

Main Points

  • Spain’s law enforcement arrested 34 members of an online scamming gang.
  • The gang’s fraudulent activities have led to a profit of about €3 million.
  • A series of searches across five Spanish cities led to these arrests.
  • Officials confiscated a trove of objects, including simulated firearms, a katana sword, a baseball bat, €80,000 in cash, and four high-end cars.

Spanish Scam Slam: 34 Arrested

It’s not the bull’s ring but an online scam ring that Spanish law enforcement have chased and tackled down. This feat involved corralling 34 members of a seemingly digital gang found, who were guilty of various sophisticated online frauds. These no-good keyboard matadors had amassed a whopping €3 million, but thankfully, the good guys wore the red cape this time, sweeping in for a successful arrest.

Investigative Tour Across Five Cities

Eagle-eyed officials painted a real Picasso across five cities — Madrid, Malaga, Huelva, Alicante, and Murcia, deploying their hawk-like eyes and Thor-like intensity to conduct searches. And it wasn’t siesta time for anyone involved! These comprehensive searches sealed the fate of the scamming miscreants who operated within these locations.

‘Show and Tell’ Turns Seize and Tell

The outcome of these police operations was like Santa’s list, but instead of nice gifts, there were items that were naughty but not nice. Officers confiscated a pair of simulated firearms, a katana that almost seemed straight out of a Tarantino film, a baseball bat (maybe someone was a fan of baseball, after all!), €80,000 in cash that would have made Scrooge McDuck green with envy, and four high-end cars that would make James Bond give a nod of respect.


Running an online scam may seem like a piece of tapas to some, but in reality, it’s sizzling hot paella that can burn you. This significant operation led by Spanish law enforcement has netted a resounding victory against online criminal activities. It’s a reminder to all tech aficionado and fraudster alike, that the cyber world is also a bullring, and one should always be careful not to get caught in a matador’s cape.

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/10/34-cybercriminals-arrested-in-spain-for.html

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