“Stay Informed: Google Chrome’s Alert Feature for Removed Extensions”

“Stay Informed: Google Chrome’s Alert Feature for Removed Extensions”

Google Chrome’s Upcoming Feature: Keeping Users in the Loop of Removed Extensions

• Google has plans to integrate a new feature in its Chrome web browser designed to alert the user when an installed extension has been removed from the Chrome Web Store.
• The feature is ready to be released with Chrome 117.
• It will keep users informed if an add-on is unpublished by a developer, taken down due to violation of Chrome Web Store policy, or identified as malware.

Website Guardian – Google’s New Alert System

Ever wondered what happened to your favorite extension in Chrome? Well, worry no more, because Google is working on a new feature to keep you updated. Google is planning to add a special alert feature in the upcoming version of its Chrome browser. This feature will throw out a signal to the user whenever an installed extension gets removed from the Chrome Web Store. Think of this new feature as a hired detective that keeps bringing you news about your add-ons – fascinating, isn’t it?

Always Up-to-Date – Chrome 117

Packed and ready to be shipped along with Chrome 117, this new feature will be like your personal assistant, ensuring you stay updated about your browser extensions. You’ll be notified if an add-on has been put ‘out of print’ by the developer or sent to the ‘naughty corner’ for breaking the Chrome Web Store’s policy. Don’t you just love it when your software cares for your security and keeps nuisance at bay?

A Security Measure – Identifying Bad Extensions

This feature is not just about being informed; it’s also there to protect you from potentially harmful malware. If the add-on is identified and marked as malware, Chrome will drop you a note about it. It’s like your personal cyber bodyguard, constantly on the watch for threats. This is the tech world’s equivalent of “Remember, don’t take candy from strangers!”


In this tech age, user security and maintaining a clean virtual environment should be a high priority. With the forthcoming Chrome Browser version, Google plans to include an alert function notifying users of any removed extensions to keep the users informed and secure. It’s like having your own robot butler who never forgets to keep you in the loop about the state of your add-ons. Now, aren’t we all ready for this new chapter in browser safety?

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/08/google-chromes-new-feature-alerts-users.html

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