“Staying Safe Online: Navigating Malware Threats in Microsoft Bing’s AI Chatbot”

“Staying Safe Online: Navigating Malware Threats in Microsoft Bing’s AI Chatbot”

Beware Bing: Malware-Toting Ads Hitchhike On Microsoft’s AI Chatbot

– Malware is being spread through ads appearing on Microsoft Bing’s AI Chatbot.
– Users searching for popular tools have been led to malicious sites from Bing Chat conversations.
– This discovery was reported by Malwarebytes.

If you’re chatting with Bing, be wary of ad-toting hitchhikers. It’s been revealed that Microsoft Bing’s friendly AI chatbot has courteous but potentially malicious ads on board. Not your typical bad travel companions – these dangerous ads can escort unsuspecting users to malware-infested sites, says cyber-security company Malwarebytes.

No Free Rides: How The Malware Is Spread

What’s happening is, ads will pop up during Bing Chat conversations. Users, often searching for tools or software, are deceived by these ads and led directly into the arms of malware-spreading sites. Now, that’s a detour nobody was planning for! It’s like asking for directions to your favorite restaurant and ending up at a dodgy all-you-can-eat buffet instead. Unexpected and downright unsettling.

Greeted By Bing In 2023: AI With A Dark Side?

In February 2023, Microsoft warmly welcomed Bing Chat, its AI chatbot, to the world. However, the chatbot seems to have some dark stowaways, ready to lure inquisitive users to shady places. We’re not talking about a fun surprise party, but rather a distressingly infectious malware bash!

Malwarebytes: The Chatbot Sheriff In Town

Give a good ol’ tip of the hat to Malwarebytes, the cybersecurity company that uncovered the actual state of affairs, revealing the unwelcome pests hitchhiking aboard Bing’s AI chatbot.

To Summarize: Trust But Verify Bing Chat’s Hitchhikers

Microsoft Bing’s AI chatbot, Bing Chat, has been flagged as a potential source of malware, courtesy of deceptive ads that infiltrate conversations and lead users to harmful sites. This discovery, made by Malwarebytes, underlines the need for users to exercise caution when interacting with AI chatbots, and especially with clickable ads that appear during such interactions. Trust the chatbot, sure, but double-check its ad-toting passengers before you follow them down the rabbit hole.

So when chatting with Bing, make sure to remember the good old saying – “All that glitters is not gold,” because sometimes it’s just a malware-infested ad wearing a shiny coat!

Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/09/microsofts-ai-powered-bing-chat-ads-may.html


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