Tech Products for Infants: Life Savers and Fails

Tech Products for Infants: Life Savers and Fails

Life Savers and Fails: Tech Products for Infants

The Good

Sound Machine

A sound machine is definitely a must-have for any infant! It helps to soothe and calm babies by producing calming sounds like white noise, lullabies and heartbeats. It also can drown out any noise from outside the room that could wake up your sleeping infant.

Smart Sensor

Smart sensors, in particular, those that monitor an infant’s breathing movements and heart rate, are a great addition to any nursery. They provide parents with a peace of mind allowing parents to sleep better knowing their infant is doing well.

Portable Night Light

A portable night light has saved me from turning on the overhead lights during nightly diaper changes or feedings. These lights are handheld and provide just enough light to see without disturbing your infant’s sleep.

The Bad

Wipes Warmer

While this might have seemed like a great idea, my little one wasn’t very fond of the wet wipes from the warmer. It’s also an extra gadget that can take up extra space that is not necessary.

Infant Shoes

Let’s face it, infants aren’t walking so they don’t need shoes. They can be a cute accessory, but they’re not a functional necessity.


Tech products can make life easier with an infant but it’s important to recognize which ones are worth the investment. A sound machine can help calm and soothe a baby, while a smart sensor can provide parents with a peace of mind. On the other hand, a wipes warmer isn’t necessary and infant shoes are more of a cute accessory than a functional necessity.Original Article:


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