“Teen Titans of Turmoil: The Conviction of Two UK Teens in High-Profile Hacking Scandal”

“Teen Titans of Turmoil: The Conviction of Two UK Teens in High-Profile Hacking Scandal”

– Two U.K. teenagers have been convicted for being part of the LAPSUS$ hacking gang.
– They were responsible for high-profile hacks and demands of ransom.
– The teenagers, Arthur Kurtaj and an unnamed minor, were accused of stealing data from big tech firms.

The Cyber Kiddos

A pair of U.K. whizz kids, more accurately gross misuse of their talents, Arthur Kurtaj and a sidekick still in his minor leagues, have neither been playing FIFA nor marauding through Fortnite. Instead, they have been practicing their hacking skills on rather sizeable playgrounds.

Notorious LAPSUS$ troublemakers

They’re associated with LAPSUS$, a notorious hacking gang known well in tech circles. Sounds about as fun as running out of battery on your smartphone in the middle of a gripping YouTube tutorial on how to peel a banana.

Playground: Major Tech Firms

Their playground? Oh, only the likes of major tech firms, presumably because school websites and their friend’s Facebook profiles were just too mainstream. It’s like deciding to fly to the moon because you’re tired of the view from your window. These young chaps were convicted for stealing confidential information and ransoming it back, as one does when they’re bored with regular teenage angst.

A Summary of Their Exploits

In summary, two U.K. teenagers, Arthur Kurtaj, aged 18 from Oxford, and a digitally dextrous minor, have been convicted after falling foul of a London jury ruling. Their crime? Being part of the notorious hacking gang LAPSUS$, orchestrating a series of brazen hacks against major tech firms, and demanding ransom in exchange for the safe return their own stolen toys: confidential information.

That’s NOT How You Play with Others

In conclusion, we all know life as a teenager can be hard; navigating through that awkward phase, first dates, homework, hacking into multi-million-dollar entities…wait, that last one doesn’t sound right! It seems these two teens took the term “cyberbullying” to a whole new level. We can only hope they find a more constructive – and legal – way to use their tech skills in the future.Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/08/two-lapsus-hackers-convicted-in-london.html

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