Tesla Partners with GM and Ford for Supercharger Access

Tesla Partners with GM and Ford for Supercharger Access

New Deals Allow GM and Ford Owners to Use Tesla Charging Stations

Tesla has recently announced deals with both GM and Ford that will allow owners of these companies’ electric vehicles to use Tesla’s Supercharger network. This partnership marks a significant move for Tesla to turn its charging network into a competitive advantage over other EV makers.

Why This Matters

In standardized testing, EV reviews often mention battery range as one of the most significant disadvantages of owning an EV. However, Tesla has been able to mitigate this issue through its Supercharger network, which offers fast and reliable charging at more than 25,000 stations worldwide. With these new deals, Tesla opens up its charging network to two new groups of EV owners, instantly making it an attractive option for those who want access to Tesla’s Supercharger stations without having to buy a Tesla.

The Competitive Advantage of Tesla’s Supercharger Network

By allowing other EV owners to use Tesla’s network of charging stations, Tesla is leveling up its competitive advantage in the EV market. Offering a superior battery range and now a broader charging network could ultimately result in more consumers choosing to buy a Tesla. Conversely, this move puts Ford and GM at a disadvantage with their own proprietary charging networks, which they will most likely have to open up to competitors or risk being left behind.


Tesla’s announcement that it is opening up its Supercharger network to GM and Ford owners marks a significant move in the EV market. The ability to offer access to this premium charging network gives Tesla a competitive edge and may significantly influence EV buyers’ purchasing decisions. As the EV market continues to grow and change, it will be interesting to see how this move affects Tesla and the industry as a whole.Original Article: https://www.wired.com/story/teslas-supercharger-strategy/

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