The Pressure Mounts for Amazon’s Delivery Service Partners: A Look at Strict Demands and Financial Struggles

The Pressure Mounts for Amazon’s Delivery Service Partners: A Look at Strict Demands and Financial Struggles

Amazon’s Delivery Service Partners Under Pressure

Amazon’s “delivery service partners” who operate their own delivery fleets are feeling the heat as the ecommerce giant’s delivery demands increase. Despite being called partners, some contractors said they have little freedom to manage their own logistics businesses and some have gone into debt buying Amazon-branded vans.

Increasing Demands and Restrictions

The increase in Amazon’s delivery demands is making it difficult for its partners to keep up. They are expected to deliver between 100 and 300 parcels per day, but some drivers say they struggle to get through half that amount. Furthermore, Amazon monitors delivery times closely, imposing fines on drivers who miss deadlines, and also sets strict regulations on how the delivery vans should look and operate.

Little Control Over Their Own Business

Despite being called partners, delivery service providers say they have little control over their business.  Drivers aren’t allowed to deliver packages for other companies, and Amazon can terminate its relationship with a provider at any time, which leaves very little room for negotiation.

Financial Struggles for Amazon Partners

Many delivery service providers are struggling financially and it’s not just because Amazon controls their business. In order to become an Amazon partner, the contractors had to take out loans to buy delivery vans, some even multiple vehicles, in order to meet Amazon’s demands. This investment put many contractors in significant financial distress.


Amazon’s “delivery service partners” are facing increased demands and strict regulations from the ecommerce giant. Despite being called partners, contractors have little control over their own businesses and can be terminated by Amazon at any time. This lack of control has put many Amazon partners in financial distress.

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