“Travel Light with These Slim Slates for Reading on the Go”

“Travel Light with These Slim Slates for Reading on the Go”


If you’re a book lover who can’t be parted from their library, you will love the WIRED-tested slim slates. They are perfect for those who want to always have their books nearby and travel light.

Main Points

Here are the main points to know about these slim slates:

* The slates are made by remarkable companies like Amazon, Kobo, and Onyx.
* They offer easy access to millions of books, magazines, and newspapers.
* They are slim and lightweight, making them incredibly portable.
* They have long battery life that allows for a dedicated reading experience.
* They offer features such as built-in light, adjustable font size, and customizable display.
* The prices of these slates vary depending on the model.

Detailed Breakdown

The slate made by Amazon, Kindle Paperwhite, is remarkably slim and offers millions of titles. It is also lightweight and can be held perfectly in one hand. The battery life can last for weeks, making it perfect for long trips. The Paperwhite also offers a built-in adjustable light that lets you read in any light setting.

The Kobo Clara HD is another slate tested by WIRED. It is designed to be easy on the eyes with a clear, high-contrast display. It is incredibly lightweight and features customizable font size and styles. The Clara HD also connects you to Kobo’s extensive book selection.

The third slate tested by WIRED is the Onyx Boox Nova Pro, which is designed in reference to being a perfect device for students, readers, and professionals. It is easy to read even in direct sunlight and has a grille to provide the sound for the Text-to-speech function. The Boox Nova Pro lets users save handwritten notes on ebooks, giving the feeling of scribbling by hand.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a lightweight, reliable, and affordable way to read millions of books, then you should definitely consider purchasing a slim slate. These slates are manufactured by esteemed companies like Amazon, Kobo, and Onyx. These slates are lightweight, have long battery life, and offer customizable displays, making them easy to use.Original Article: https://www.wired.com/gallery/best-ereaders/

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