Troubling Security Flaws Found in Smart Pet Feeders: Kaspersky Warns

Troubling Security Flaws Found in Smart Pet Feeders: Kaspersky Warns

Troublesome Flaws Found in Smart Pet Feeders: Kaspersky Warns

Smart pet feeders, designed to make it easier for busy owners to feed their pets, may require extra surveillance. Kaspersky, a cybersecurity firm, recently detected two security flaws: one an insecure cloud server and the other an exposed device debugging tool.

The Two Flaws:

  • Unprotected Cloud Server
  • Exposed Device Debugging Tool

Unprotected Cloud Server

One of these vulnerabilities would allow hackers to access the camera of the pet feeder and view images and sound from the user’s home. To do this, they would have to gain access to the unprotected cloud server that holds the data from the local feeders. This would give them access to the data of other feeders in the network. Since these pet feeders have no end-to-end encryption, the data would be insecure, and the hacker could potentially access and steal personal information in seconds.

Exposed Device Debugging Tool

The other loophole is more of a direct attack. By using a debugging tool that is not securely implemented, hackers could gain root access to the device. This means the hacker could make changes or access data that is stored in the device itself. The hacker could also add malicious files or software without the owner’s consent. This, in turn, could lead to an expensive repair bill or significant data loss.

The Bottom Line:

If you have a smart pet feeder, keep an eye out for the possible vulnerabilities. Make sure your device firmware is up to date, and monitor the feeder’s network connections. Check to see if the feeder has any new updates or security patches. Fortunately, as both of these problems are operational issues, fixing them should be straightforward.

The Takeaway:

As with all things connected to the internet, users must be vigilant and aware of potential vulnerabilities. Utilizing both hardware and software protection can help ensure that your personal data and devices remain secure, and hackers keep their paws off your data.Original Article:


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