“Understanding Attack Surface Management: Why It’s Crucial for Today’s Organizations”

“Understanding Attack Surface Management: Why It’s Crucial for Today’s Organizations”

is one that seems to be here to stay. This relatively new term refers to the process of identifying and managing the various points where an attacker could gain access to a network or system. Let’s delve deeper into why ASM has become so important.

First, the rise of cloud computing and remote work has greatly expanded the attack surface of organizations. In the past, a company’s main risks were centered on its physical facilities and the devices used by its employees. Today, with so much data and applications stored in the cloud, it’s much easier for attackers to find a vulnerability and gain access to sensitive data.

Second, compliance regulations such as GDPR have put pressure on organizations to maintain a detailed inventory of their attack surface. This means understanding not only the technologies and devices used, but also the various users and applications that interact with them.

Finally, the fast-evolving nature of cyberattacks means that organizations must be much more proactive in their security approach. Traditional tools like firewalls and antivirus software are no longer enough; instead, organizations must constantly assess and mitigate their attack surface.

In summary, attack surface management is a critical practice for organizations in today’s rapidly evolving cyber landscape. By understanding their vulnerabilities and proactively managing their attack surface, organizations can greatly reduce their risk of a devastating cyberattack.Original Article: https://thehackernews.com/2023/06/why-now-rise-of-attack-surface.html

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